Burger King offers him pens after 27 years of service, outraged Internet users raise more than 200,000 dollars

Two pens, a movie ticket, a packet of sweets and a drink. Here is the meager reward received by Kevin Ford for 27 years of good and loyal service at Burger King. This cashier, stationed at the Las Vegas airport, would not have missed a single day of work during all this time. A model employee yet never increased by the fast-food giant.

In a video posted on TikTok, he even showed with a satisfied and grateful air the modest prizes donated by his employer. But this scene shocked many Internet users who massively offered to help Kevin Ford, indicates France info who relays the information. The cashier’s daughter then decided to open a kitty on June 20th.

An unexpected mobilization

The goal was to allow his father to take a few days off to visit his grandchildren on the other side of the United States. But the operation took a mad scale. This Wednesday morning, the kitty exceeded 237,000 dollars (about 225,000 euros).

Questioned by the American media Today, the father of the family simply confided that he had worked tirelessly to pay for the studies of his four daughters and that he considered himself happy to have a job. Burger King welcomed the approach of Internet users but would not have paid a single dollar into the kitty.

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