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But what will become of Elizabeth II’s corgis?

VShe low-legged, fox-like dogs have always been the Queen’s best companions… She owned up to nine of them at the same time, but only two brightened her old days: Muick and Sandy, offered by her son Prince Andrew and his family last year, to keep him company, came to join Candy, a dorgi (cross between a corgi and another breed) that the queen already owned. The latest arrival this year was a cocker spaniel named Lissy, a show dog.

After the death of Elizabeth II, the question of the future of her dogs was obviously quickly raised by the English press: there was no question of seeing the Queen’s little companions end up in a kennel for abandoned animals… According to the DailyMail, the two corgis will return to Prince Andrew and his family – Princess Beatrice could get one back. Indeed, the queen, conscious of beginning her end of life, did not wish to let puppies survive her and had asked her son to take care of them on the day she died. Andrew’s family could also get Candy back to avoid separating him from the first two. As for the cocker spaniel, it is up to King Charles III to decide on his assignment, knowing that the new king much prefers the Jack Russells. The best solution for this show dog would be to stay with his trainer, who knows him well.

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Susan’s lineage

Elizabeth II was crazy about her dogs. Nothing was too good for them: the queen supervised their meals herself, served at 5 p.m. from the kitchens of the palace, with chicken breasts, fillets of beef or carefully boned pieces of game, all accompanied by meat juice in bowls engraved with their names. They slept in rooms close to his bedroom, on raised wicker baskets to avoid the pesky drafts of the palace, which penetrate under the doors… It is even said that they were entitled to their little Christmas slipper, on the edge of the fireplace, weighted down with treats or presents.

The Queen’s passion dates back to her youth, when she fell in love with her father’s dog, Dookie, a Pembrokeshire corgi. His parents then gave him Susan for his 18th birthday, in 1944, who would be the founder of the sovereign’s royal corgis dynasty – around thirty animals in total, many of whom were indirectly descended from Susan… The palace has long remembered their escapades: bitten ankles, incessant yapping that annoyed the Duke of Edinburgh, pitched battles with the Queen Mother’s dogs… One day, Elizabeth II was even bitten on the hand while trying to break up a fight , which required three stitches, while his driver was vaccinated against tetanus.

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Tastier, this anecdote reported by the DailyMail : While the queen was having lunch one day with singer Max Bygraves, the latter turned tomato red when he smelled a nauseating flatulence coming from under the table, where a corgi was standing. “I hope you don’t think it was me,” the sovereign then told him, imperturbable…

But the world especially remembers this incredible sequence shot at the palace on the occasion of the Olympic Games in 2012, where the queen had herself staged alongside James Bond for the opening of the Games. When Daniel Craig goes to pick up the Queen at Buckingham, he is greeted in the hallways by the famous corgis, who frolic on the thick carpet, roll on the floor and accompany their royal mistress to the helicopter…almost stealing the show at the moment. British actor.

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