by calling his humans, the agents discover his incredible story

A dog is placed in the pound: by calling his humans, the agents discover his incredible story

Fitou’s owners thought they had lost their dog forever.

It’s an amazing story with a happy ending. As the France Bleu site reveals, a stray dog ​​was placed at the Lozère departmental pound in Chastel-Nouvels.

The ID chip spoke

As required by the procedure, a chip is sought on the animal. Luckily, the pound agents will manage to identify the owners.

The owners are in shock when they receive the call from the pound: “Wait, I’m going to sit down because I’m going to feel unwell,” the lady told Hélène Martinazzo-Bruel, director of the pound.

A dog stolen ten years ago

It must be said that the news is enough to shock the owners. As they will explain later, the doggie named Fitou was stolen in 2012.

At the time, his master was pruning his vines at the foot of Mont Ventoux in the Vaucluse when his pet disappeared.

Neither one nor two, the owners therefore went to the pound to find their beloved dog 250 kilometers from their home: “He goes in all directions to locate places, he is adorable. He wasn’t abused, that’s what makes us happy too. He remained very fine, very beautiful. He is living his life now. It is very moving. “Explains the mistress at the microphone of our colleagues.

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