Camera films how vet treats admitted cat and goes viral

All veterinary clinics must offer their clients complete confidence that their animals are between good hands, and that their staff are committed to ensuring the health and well-being of all their dog and cat patients.

In some cases, people have complained about the neglect or mistreatment their pets have suffered from the professionals working in these clinics.

Camera films how vet treats admitted cat and goes viral

But fortunately, many others shine a light on the extraordinary work of those who care for sick animals and fight tirelessly to save their lives, even in the face of the worst prognosis. Some have even decided to adopt homeless animals, opening the doors from their homes and their hearts to offer them the warmth of a family until their last breath.

On this occasion, a video filmed by a hidden camera in a veterinary clinic has gone viral, in which we can see a young woman dancing with a cat.

These scenes were shared on Twitter and reveal the love this vet feels for the work she does with a vocation and dedication, they have been shared over a million times.

At the beginning of the video, an employee of a veterinary clinic takes a cat out of its cage and, in the background of another room, we can see how the young woman dances with this cat while cuddling it tenderly.

The Twitter user who shared the video wrote:

“This is how vets treat your pets when no one is watching…RT so everyone knows. »

Some users expected to find an outrageous case of abuse and were surprised to see that it was an adorable scene. The vet dances with the cat in her arms while giving him hugs and kisses.

According to information from witnesses, the cat was very nervous due to the anxiety of being separated from its owner. for the first time.

The video went around the world and thousands of people expressed in the comments of the post their admiration for this young woman who had a grand gesture to calm a sick cat who felt alone and vulnerable without the security of being. close to his family from whom he had never been separated.

Affection and happiness are the best cures for any disease. Details of the cat’s health in the video are unknown, but he will surely be able to return to his home soon.

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