can cats detect invisible presences?

Is it possible for cats to see ghosts? Anyone who has or has ever had a cat knows that there is a behavior of these pets that has or will have scared more than one of us: their ability to stare at a void or a wall for hours. Why are they doing this? Are cats able to see things we can’t see?

Have they detected a ghost, spirit or presence that we cannot perceive?

It is true that cats can not only see things that we cannot see, but also hear sounds that escape our ears and smell things that we do not even suspect.

This is why cats can stare at a wall for hours or even stare at nothing for seemingly endless minutes. They focus on something that we do not see, that we do not perceive and that certainly does not attract our attention at all.


And the fact is that where for us there is nothing, for cats there is a stimulus which leads them to an extreme concentration which is intrinsic to their nature, which optimally connects their senses, their brain and their body, which they need to give balance to their organism.

What Cats See When They Stare

It is true that cats have a wider and sharper vision than ours, that their hearing is also much more precise than ours and that their sense of smell is infinitely more sensitive than that of humans, which explains why they can smell things that escape us and that, even if we try to detect them, we do not even notice them.

When they stare into nothingness, they are actually extremely focused on something insignificant to us: a speck of dust, a tiny insect… something they observe with all their senses in unison and which, to us, is behavior more akin to seeing a ghost than an instigating reaction, as it actually is.

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