Can cats forget their master?

Departure on vacation, long-term hospitalization, lost cat, a question probably torments you in the face of these life events: can cats forget their master?

As you now know, the behavior and reactions of a cat differ greatly from those of a dog. While a dog does not fail to show his joy when he finds his masters, despite the years, what about cats? One thing is certain, your cat will not forget you if you go on vacation for 1 or 3 weeks. He might sulk or ignore you a bit when you come back, but that’s a normal reaction that means he’s missed you and is probably a little resentful. You notice that he doesn’t sulk for very long before coming to cuddle you. But can he forget you if your absence is longer?

Why does a cat never forget its master?

Some stories say that a cat can find its master’s house even after 10 years. These stories are true, because cats have an olfactory memory. Every human being is endowed with an odor that our 4-legged animals perceive and remember. It is thanks to this olfactory imprint that cats do not forget their master. Moreover, when they get lost or move away from their home, they are able to find their way back thanks to smells. Thus, even after 10 years of separation, your pet is able to recognize you! Your smell brings back memories. It is therefore not about to forget you and their memory is more effective than one can imagine.

How can a cat forget its master?

It’s a fact, cats don’t forget their owners. However, in some cases, it is very likely that a cat does not recognize it, or simply ignores it. Indeed, their memory makes memories of the moments spent with you. However, if these memories are not good, a cat will prefer to forget you. It is advisable to adopt a cat from an early age in order to create a strong bond with it. But if you welcome an adult cat, it is important to prepare a cozy home where it is good to live for him. Caresses, affection, complicity, good food, everything contributes to his memory. So if your cat runs away and finds a new, more suitable home for him, he may not come back. Even if you find him, he may run away again to return to the family where he feels best. Which also proves that cats know what they want.

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