Can cats recognize the names of other cats at home? Here is the answer

Pet scientists have shown that cats and other animals can memorize their own names. However, some users want to know if they can also learn the aliases of other domestic felines.

Researchers from Kyoto University in Japan revealed in the journal Scientific Reports that cats CAN remember the names of other cats in the house.

Cats also have the ability to memorize the faces of other cats. The scientists said they showed pictures of familiar felines to the cats in the study.

The specialists worked with a group of cats, where they made them listen to the cry of other cats with their respective photos. While they also tried to give false names.

“While house cats were likely to learn by observing the reaction of the specific cat whose name was called, stray cats are more likely to hear different names from different hosts, making learning difficult” , the research authors said.

It should be noted that experts have not been able to find out exactly how domestic felines are able to understand the names of other pets.

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What do cats understand when you call their name?

While dog owners don’t think twice about answering this question, cat owners wonder: “Does my cat know his name? “.

Several scientific studies claim that cats recognize human voices and respond primarily with ear and head movements. In additionusing an overtone is more effective in eliciting a response.

Other studies have shown that just like we talk to babies with high-pitched tones and simple commands, this type of approach is also effective with cats. However, a cat’s hearing range is very wide and they can also be attentive to human expressions which have more variation.

These studies concluded that cats recognize their master’s voice through experiments using the voices of strangers.

People may think cats react to their name, but it’s only the tone of your voice that gets their attention. Sometimes it can seem like cats have selective hearing. You may be saying her name all the time without your cat reacting, so you need to change the tone of your voice to a way she likes it more, like when you call her for food or to play. .

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