Can we feed our dog?

So many treats in the trade! And at home, who isn’t tempted to give a nic-nac, a slice of sausage, a piece of cheese. Here too, no. These snacks are far too sweet, fatty or salty. The veterinarian explains that a square of cheese for a 2 kilo puppy is as if his master or mistress ate a kilo of cheese! Charlotte insists: never chocolate. A piece of carrot, once in a while, in small quantities, because this vegetable is a sweet food. Grain-free treats are all the rage right now. Charlotte advises against it again: because here, there is a risk from a nutritional point of view. Ideal for the veterinarian, these are marrow bones (emptied with some meat residue). Why ideal? Because your pet has fun nibbling and in doing so, removes the tartar from his teeth. Place for the test of three candies distributed in three bowls: what will Gaston, Carlo’s puppy, choose between the nic-nac, the cereal-free candies and the pieces of beef with fruit that we present to him? After sniffing the three bowls at his ease, Gaston, attracted by the smell of meat, preferred to chew the beef over the fruit.

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