Can you find the “apple” among the “lemons” in this visual challenge? You only have 3 seconds

The key to “winning” this viral challenge is to watch the corners carefully and stay calm for as long as possible. The visual test now consists of locating the missing fruit in less than three seconds. So you’d better pay attention to every detail of the artwork.

Do you dare to solve this incredible challenge that is all the rage on social networks? Place yourself in a quiet place and put all your senses on alert to find the apple among all the lemons in the picture. The following visual challenge is a great entertainment option for people who have free time and want to use it most of the time.

Nevertheless, some of them tend to be more difficult than others. Your goal is usually to find a person, animal, object, or number in an image, and you’ll need to pay close attention. Today’s quiz has been shared millions of times due to its complexity and high degree of difficulty.

What should you do ? Look carefully at the picture full of lemons and find the green apple. In addition, the time for this visual puzzle is limited, so you will only have three seconds to solve it.


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Nothing yet ? Tired of searching and searching? Don’t worry and don’t feel bad. This is completely normal, as these visual challenges require a lot of time and patience to solve. If you are not one of the select group of geniuses who have successfully completed the challenge, Do not worry, we will show you the solution below.

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Did you like this week’s visual challenge and was it too easy for you? Congratulations, if you were able to complete the challenge. And if not, then we encourage you to do other challenges in order to improve yourself.

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