Canine obedience: the 3 golden rules for training your dog

Adopting a dog as a pet brings many changes and many responsibilities. An untrained doggie can indeed pose big problems in your daily life. Hence the importance of canine education, which aims to make the animal more obedient to its master. To educate your adorable furball, you will need to be patient, consistent and attentive. Indeed, he will learn more or less quickly depending on your attitude.

be patient

Arming yourself with a good dose of patience to educate your dog is highly recommended. By doing so, your dog will be more confident and more willing to satisfy you. Know that the dog is sensitive to the behavior of his master! Therefore, teach him to respect simple orders while remaining patient. By applying this golden rule, you will be surprised to see how much your pet can be more receptive to learning. In any case, be patient, because your faithful companion is doing its best! Give Médor time to slowly assimilate each exercise.

be regular

The regular and daily aspect of learning is the key to the success of dressage. Keeping the same tone of voice, ask your dog to sit, lie down, or play dead. Repeat orders until they are acquired and do not punish him harshly for failure. On the contrary, reward each success with two things he likes the most, food and cuddles!

learn to listen

To train a dog, you also have to know how to listen to it! Note that your pet has its own language, most often body language. And getting to know your dog better will allow you to have the right reflexes when faced with different situations. If your dog has decided not to obey you, there is a specific reason. Ask yourself why your furball isn’t listening to you and what you need to change in the way you teach.

Happy training!

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