Carbon. Cats targeted by evildoers

But, what is happening in Carbonne?

For some time now, the feline people of Carbonne have been suffering abuse.

Numerous testimonies, posted almost daily, on the website “once upon a time carbon” testify to serious violence against these animals. Some speak of torture inflicted, others of attacks either with rifles or pellet guns.

The city’s veterinarians were called upon to treat those who could. X-rays have been made and clearly show that these poor beasts have received pellets in their bodies.

On social networks, photos of these wildly treated cats are circulating, some of which are difficult to sustain.

Municipal police and gendarmerie brigade are alerted. Complaints have been filed.

The owners of these animals are unhappy and exasperated. Some are crying out for revenge. The situation should not get out of hand and degenerate.

This phenomenon seems to be gaining momentum in certain areas of the city.

Let’s hope that the evildoer(s) are quickly spotted and put out of harm’s way.

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