Carcassonne: attacked on social networks following a refusal to adopt, the animal shelter explains

Last week, the team refused the adoption of a dog, believing that his character did not fit the person. A badly accepted decision, which the managers of the Berriac site are keen to explain in order to prevent further misunderstandings.

For several months now, the animal shelter has been saturated, facing a massive and continuous arrival of abandoned dogs to the point of being full. Under these conditions, any new adoption is welcome… but it is not systematic. Last week, a person who came to collect an animal experienced this and visibly disliked not being able to leave with the dog she had fallen for, to the point of being moved by it on social networks. So to put an end to certain preconceived ideas and prevent such a situation from happening again, the teams decided to redouble their pedagogy.

No, the SCPA does not sell animals with its eyes closed on the pretext that its premises are full. Before even going to meet dogs or cats waiting for a new home, the visitor must complete a questionnaire detailing the age and character of the desired animal, but also giving an overview of the conditions in which the future legged companion will live (fenced garden, number of daily hours spent alone…). “We are not trying to be intrusive, but to identify profiles”, says Patricia Dandeu, administrator of the shelter. From there, the managers direct the visitor to the most suitable resident. “As a general rule, future masters are happy that we match their lifestyle with those of the animal they are going to adopt”continues the manager, who says she is concerned about the negative campaign of which the Carcassonne site happens to be the target. “Obviously, it hurts us. Following that, we have already received messages from donors announcing that they are ending their aid…”

For an animal that has known life with a family, returning home, in boxes, is really very hard.

And the manager to support the reasons pushing them to be careful and picky. “Some dogs have returned two or three times to the shelter, because their profile did not correspond to their new masters. However, for an animal that has known life with a family, returning to us, in boxes, is really very hard. His behavior suffers and he becomes even more difficult to adopt.” So Patricia Dandeu invites future adopters to “Listen to the advice of our keepers, who have known the animals in the shelter for several weeks, even several years. Asking for an animal that does not suit you is like going to a real estate agency and asking to buy a property without even worrying about know if we have the budget!”

Worried, the refuge is also worried by the false information against him circulating in recent days. “No, our subsidies are not proportional to the number of boarders received! We do not refuse adoptions in order to earn money, any more than we refuse adoptions because of the age of the adopters. We sometimes give dogs to 80-year-old people… but adapted to these people. We are not going to give them a puppy!” Hoping to convince of their good faith and put an end to this “bad buzz”, the SCPA specialists especially invite animal lovers to trust the recommendations of a structure that places “more than a thousand dogs and cats a year”.

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