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Career plan: Arden Cho as a brilliant lawyer on Netflix

Judicial series are almost always successful and Netflix today unveils “Career Plan”, a fiction that will take place in a prestigious New York law firm. The heroine will not have a photographic memory but she is extremely talented and intends to become a partner as soon as possible!

Ingrid will have to make a choice between her career and her rich boyfriend. The situation gets even more complicated when his first love is recruited by his firm! So how will she manage to simultaneously manage her feelings and her brilliant career? Answer in the first season of Career Plan !

Career Plan: Discover the trailer

The heart of our heroine will have to make a choice between two very attractive men who each have significant assets! If she is already in a relationship with Nick, her life may well be completely turned upside down after spending dozens of hours working with her ex (Jeff) who has just arrived in New York. The heart has its reasons that reason ignores …

The fans of Teen Wolf will probably have recognized Arden Cho who had remained rather discreet since the end of the series. Dominic Sherwood (shadowhunter) will also be there! Career Plan is the adaptation of the novel written by Helen Wan and sold several thousand copies worldwide.

The original creation is composed of only ten episodes but it is very likely that a sequel will see the light of day soon if the fiction manages to convince the subscribers of the American company. It will take you exactly 441 minutes to binge-watch career plan season 1 a little over seven hours.

Career Plan on Netflix: Who is in the cast?

What is the release date for Career Plan on Netflix?

The new original creation has already been posted on the catalog of the streaming platform since the release date of Career Plan has been scheduled for Friday, August 26, 2022. The ten episodes have therefore been accessible since 9:01 a.m. and they are just waiting for you. If the series has not convinced you, then you can always try “Echoes” which is currently a hit on Netflix.

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