Carrefour recalls strawberry jams for a risk of presence of foreign body

The affected product, which is subject to a national recall, was marketed between May 2 and June 20, 2022.

After the recent controversies linked to the successive recalls of food products, it is the turn of the strawberry jam of the Carrefour brand to undergo a recall, on a national scale. This jam, sold per unit jar of 370g, is indeed suspected of presenting a risk of foreign body in plastic, glass, paper or textile. The affected products were marketed between May 2 and June 20, 2022.

In its reminder sheet, Rappel Conso specifies that all Carrefour stores in France are concerned. In question, arisk of presence of plastic foreign bodyยป which could lead to the risk of injury to the consumer. In this sense, the authority adds that “Due to the risk of injury and adverse effects associated with ingesting this product, as a precaution it is recommended that people who hold products belonging to the batch(es) described above not to consume“. The two batches concerned are F101 DDM 04/2024 and F102 DDM 04/2024.

If you have not yet consumed the product, Rappel Conso strongly recommends that you return the product to the point of sale or destroy it. It is also possible to obtain a refund by contacting consumer service on 0 805 909 809. The recall procedure will end on July 20, 2022.

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