Castelginest: abandoned in the sun with a broken spine, the Kinder cat is a miracle!

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In this particularly difficult period for animal shelters, that of Castelginest north of Toulouse has had a very good story. Injured, a cat named Kinder had been abandoned in full sun by 40 ° C in a transport box. The volunteers did everything to save her.

Long holidays are often a scourge for animal protection associations. The municipal shelter of Castelginest “Acting for animals”, north of Toulouse, is no exception to the rule: abandonments continue and the summer of 2022 knows no exception. The leaders are angry. The latest story, that of Kinder, ends well, but could have had a dramatic outcome.

Her masters have indeed abandoned this cat in full sun in front of the refuge, by 40°C, in a transport box. Despite fresh water, food, caresses, and above all care, an emergency veterinary visit was necessary. The cat, paralyzed from behind, dragged herself on her forelegs.

“Treat Like a Princess”

Following this first visit, an operation was scheduled for the same evening for Kinder, by specialized surgeons. Once the scan was done, they realized that Kinder not only had his spine broken but that his spinal cord was also severed. The surgeons then proposed not to wake her up and to shorten her suffering. The leader of the local establishment, Betty, strongly opposed it.

With painkillers, Kinder was able to live for a few days, with the help of volunteers who treated her “like a princess. I can only thank the volunteers for all the love and daily care they provide to all our protected,” says Betty Loizeau. A few days later, the latter sought a second veterinary opinion, “not because we do not trust the first, which is a great clinic, but we have observed that Kinder moves, plays, cuddles, she lives … We want to believe it, every day they give us such life lessons!”

The verdict is in: Kinder was able to go back to his foster family for a good life. A Happy End made possible thanks to the perseverance of Betty and the volunteers involved every day for their protégés. More than ever in this period of births of kittens and abandonment for departures on vacation, the refuge of Castelginest maintains its efforts for dogs and cats without families.

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