Castres: cats mysteriously disappear from the Saint-Jean plateau and are found… in the Sidobre!

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Friends of pets are amazed on the Saint-Jean plateau: for some time, tomcats have been disappearing and are found in the Brassagaise region.

The inhabitants of the Saint-Jean plateau are worried. For some time, cat owners have seen their companions disappear without explanation.

Rue Jules-Guesde, Nicolas Galonnier has been looking in vain for his cat “Mowgli” since July 3. He posted posters all over the neighborhood: “He is neutered, chipped, he is used to walking around and coming back to the door, but there is no more news there. His companion Vanina has also invested in the search for the tomcat and travels to Ferrières every day. Ferrieres? Fontrieu? Where did her little investigation take her?

“Last January, on Facebook and social networks like Pet Alert 81 or Alert’Animaux 81, I spotted a kitten that belongs to a lady living in our housing estate. I noticed that it was found just after Guyor-Haut and fortunately recovered. »

Motivated by the disappearance of “Mowgli”, Vanina reinforced her investigations in the heart of the Saint-Jean plateau, in particular in the new housing estate on rue Yourcenar. “There, after several conversations, I calculated that 10 cats disappeared in a few months. A lady told me that she had lost 5 cats, she found 2 thanks to social networks… one in Bez and one in Ferrières! A close neighbor also told me that her tomcat, a beautiful long-haired ginger cat, “Misti”, also mysteriously disappeared on Wednesday June 29th. »

A call for complaints

Since Tuesday, July 12, the investigations carried out by Vanina are progressing, her calls launched on Facebook are shared on her profile, on specialized groups, where she writes in particular: “We think that a person takes our cats and takes them there- top… The more testimonies we have, the more we can hope that the police will manage to put an end to this abominable story. »

This Wednesday, browsing the websites, Vanina regained hope of finding “Mowgli”. “Our cat was spotted in Ferrières on Sunday evening, apparently with “Misti”, they were already inseparable in the neighborhood. You really have to file a complaint to motivate a police or gendarmerie investigation. »

In Fontrieu, Mayor Didier Gavalda is surprised: “This is the first time I’ve heard of this story. What’s the point of doing this? It is unacceptable. If I learn anything, for sure, I will intervene. »

For his part, the mayor of Brassac Jean-Claude Guiraud assures: “I hope that there is no traffic behind this affair. Why this malicious pleasure in abandoning the cats in the mountains? I regret for people attached to their pets. I wish that we really stop the one who is visibly annoyed by cats. »

The masters of the tomcats also have the support of the association Le Chat dans la rue to report any information necessary to find the cats: “We have often been told in the past that cats disappeared on the Saint-Jean plateau. These are cats who, however, are quiet and do not move in their area. We also know that tattooed cats, we confirm, were found near Ferrières. »

Faced with such mobilization, we can hope for a happy end to the misadventure of all the tomcats of Saint-Jean.

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