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Cat, dog, rabbit… What are the new rules for adoption between individuals?

A Maine Libre reader, Julie adopted an adorable rabbit, named Noisette, from a friend in late September. She wonders about the formalities she would have had to complete if she had adopted her rabbit after October 1, 2022.

Hello Julie. As part of the new law against cruelty to animals of November 30, 2021, a decree was published on July 19, 2022 and entered into force on Saturday, October 1. It aims to combat impulse buying of pets and excessive abandonment.

ONE certificate of commitment and knowledge is now mandatory for any adoption, whether in a pet shop, at a shelter or between individuals. For the latter, even in the case of free donation, the government specifies that the donor must “have the adopter sign and then keep a certificate of commitment and knowledge of the specific needs of the species”.

Which animals are affected?

In addition to cats and dogs, pets are affected ferrets and lagomorphs not intended for human consumptioni.e. rabbits and hares.

In a second phase, from 31 December 2022, will also be affected horses, donkeys, mules or mules.

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What must the certificate contain?

The certificate is signed by the new buyer and contains a handwritten note with which he expressly undertakes to respect the animal’s needs.indicates the decree of 19 July. This certificate specifies for the species concerned: the physiological, behavioral and medical needs, taking into account scientific knowledge; the obligations regarding the identification of the animal; the financial and logistical implications of meeting the physiological, behavioral and medical needs of this species throughout the life of the animal.

When must the certificate be signed?

The certificate must be signed seven days before acquiring the pet.

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Where do you get the certificate?

This is stated by the government This certificate is written by a person who holds the Certificate of Knowledge for Pets of Domestic Animals (Acaced) or an equivalent professional certification. It can be a veterinarian, a breeder, someone in charge of a shelter or an animal welfare association. It is not necessarily the person selling the animal, especially if it is an individual.
You can therefore contact your vet to get a copy.

Note that for cats and dogs, the National Union of Dog and Cat Professions has published on its website versions of the certificate of commitment and knowledge made available to all professionals who meet the requirements of the law.

What do we risk if we don’t sign the certificate?

The Ministry of Agriculture clarifies that a upcoming decree will specify the penalties for the transferor who does not verify that the buyer has signed a certificate and for the person who issues a non-compliant certificate.

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