Cat found in the snow is so happy to have her kittens sheltered from the cold

Melissa, founder of Tiny but Mighty Kitten Rescue, An animal rescue center in Cornwall, Ontario, Canada received information from a fellow rescuer about a cat running through the snow. Then, she asked in a message if she could take care of the pregnant cat, which was having a hard time on the street.

Mellissa told Love Meow:

“At the time, we had extremely cold temperatures, lots of snow and ice on the ground. I saw a picture of her outside with her huge belly and immediately said “yes”!

The woman knew she could provide a safe and comfortable place for the cat, but more importantly, to raise her little kittens when they were born.

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With the help of her friend Jackie, another rescue colleague, the day after receiving the information, the cat named Missy was rescued from the streets. When she arrived at her new home, the cat was terrified, everything was new to her and she had no idea what was going on.

For the first few days, Mellissa would try to enter the room quietly and sit next to the mom-to-be to keep her calm. Thanks to several cat treats and a lot of patience, Missy finally started to trust her caregivers and to relax a bit more.

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Within days, the cat gathered the necessary courage and left her comfort zone to explore the whole room and other nearby places. She slowly got used to her new friend Mellissa and started to feel more comfortable, she knew it was her home.

Melissa added:

“I took it very calmly and respected his boundaries by watching his body language. On the fourth day, I was able to gently stroke her head, which was a big step for her. »

A few days later, Mellissa walked into Missy’s room and was surprised to find two small balls of fur next to her. By evening, Missy had five healthy kittens that she nursed, safe from harm.

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Melissa added:

“I was extremely relieved that she and her newborns had a safe and warm space. We rescued her without wasting time.

Missy was very protective and caring of her kittens, even watching over Mellissa when petting the babies, but Mellissa always respected her boundaries. After a few days, the cat was able to relax more and enjoy indoor cat life, and even began to attract Melissa’s attention.

Now three weeks old, the kittens’ eyes are fully open and they have already started walking and playing around the room. Missy keeps an eye on everyone and is attentive to their needs; she really is a good mother and proves it every day.

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In the future, Missy will be neutered, and she and her kittens will find a forever family who will give them lots of love and attention.

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