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Cat licking his master: why does my cat lick me?

The cat’s tongue is a muscular, powerful organ covered with many hard keratin growths. He uses it to perform all sorts of tasks, such as grooming, feeding, or to show affection to his loved ones. We can therefore say that for the cat, the action of licking is a way of expressing itself. Does your cat lick you frequently enough? It can be a simple sign of affection or mutual support. However, it can be a sign of certain serious conditions or disorders such as stress or anxiety. Here are the various reasons why your cat licks you.

He shows you all his affection

In most cases, owners show affection for their cats and reward them with petting. Do you do it too? Know that your cat does not forget it, and that in the same way, he wants to show you how much he trusts you and cares about you. He will therefore caress you in his own way, licking you. If it happens that your cat bites you after having licked you, do not worry, because it is also a proof of affection!

He considers you a member of his group

For cats in the same group, licking each other is a habit. They do this in particular to help each other groom parts that are difficult to reach, such as inside the ears. In addition to licking, they also chew when grooming.

When your cat licks you, it’s because he sees you as one of his pack. He helps you with your toilet, and wishes to maintain the cohesion of the group (yours). It often happens that these licks are accompanied by small nibbles.

A smell attracts him

Did you know that the cat has a sense of smell seventy times more developed than ours? Your little feline may lick you because it is attracted to a specific smell on you. This means that you have, for example, been in contact with a particularly appetizing food for your cat, such as tuna for example. It often happens that your cat comes to lick you at the place where you touched the food or the object at the origin of this smell.

He is stressed or anxious (he bites you after licking you)

Your cat’s licks are not always a sign of mutual aid and a proof of affection! Indeed, it may well be a sign of stress and anxiety. When the cat is anxious and stressed, he begins to lick his master compulsively.

Many complain that their cat bites after licking. It is because of this nervous state of mind that he cannot stand your cat becoming aggressive. He then starts licking you for a while as a warning, then suddenly bites you. In any case, you will have to carefully observe the postures and gestures of your little feline when it licks you in order to know if it is warning you or not (contracted, rigid, bristling body, curved back, etc.).

He has a pathology

If you notice that your cat licks you excessively and for no apparent reason, it is possible that it has a disease such as feline hyperesthesia. It is a pathology whose causes are not yet really known. It manifests itself in many ways, including excessive licking by the master. Either way, do not hesitate to consult a veterinarian if you notice such behavior on the part of your cat. The veterinarian will be able to guide you for the future, for the well-being of your cat.

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