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Cat trapping: Willy Schraen lost on appeal against Loïc Dombreval

This is a case that caused an uproar in the media and on the internet. In May 2020, Willy Schraen, President of the National Federation of Hunters, had mentioned the option of “cat trapping” which resulted in triggering a wave of harassment against him as well as death threats.

One of the deputies of the time who did not fail to speak about the affair through a message posted on Twitter is Loïc Dombreval. The content of his message at the time is as follows:

The 1st recommendation of my mission report on the well-being of companion animals in will be to urgently change the president of the national hunting federation which proposes to kill all the cats on a walk more than 300 meters from their home “

This message forced Willy Schraen to file a complaint for defamation following the violence of the remarks and threats that he may have received following these serious events. Indeed, during this period, Willy Schraen and his family had to be placed under police protection.

While the Public Prosecutor had requested against Loïc Dombreval a fine of 12,000€ before the Criminal Court of Saint-Omer, after a passage in the first instance, Willy Schraen has just lost his trial on Appeal.

This court decision allows Loïc Dombreval to jubilate on social networks, as demonstrated by his last message posted on Twitter:

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