Cat: Why is he staring into space? The expert’s answer!

There are many myths surrounding cat vision. In this article we will talk about the situation when they fix the void.

The main character traits of the cat

The cat is an animal with a strong personality. Relatively independent, the latter appreciates the caresses and the presence of its masters. Indeed, the routine reassures him and the rest is essential to him. Intelligent, this animal likes to play, but it also knows how to fiercely defend its territory when it feels the need.

Moreover, these characteristics are relatively common to all cats, however, some character traits are specific to breeds more than others. Some therefore have a calmer, more affectionate tendency. While others are assertive and stubborn. Finally, some have personalities close to that of the dog.

Who doesn't love cats?

Who doesn’t love cats?

All of us who have had the opportunity to live with cats know that these pets can constantly surprise us with their behaviors. In fact, these amazing felines were revered by various cultures thanks to their powerful instincts and myriad abilities.

Indeed, many feline attitudes can seem a bit blizzard to us. The truth is that it is worth finding out more about their attitudes in order to better understand them. Today, we invite you to find out why cats stare into space.

Why do cats stare into space?

Why do cats stare into space?

Have you ever found your cat staring into space for hours? It is inevitable to wonder what absorbs their attention so much. Indeed, this strange behavior of your pet arouses so much curiosity that some claim that these animals and even dogs can see ghosts. Don’t worry, we’ll try to explain why cats stare at nothingness for other reasons.

The first thing to understand!

The first thing to understand!

Where we see “nothing”, cats can actually see a lot. Indeed, the vision of the human being is limited in certain respects. We can therefore miss a number of subtle stimuli that the keen instinct of cats is quick to detect.

But the extreme concentration of these animals is not only explained by their visual capacity. Also, this is linked to the harmony between their senses, their brain and their body, which indeed ensures the balance of their organism. For our cat, a simple reflection of a small insect or a particle of dust on the wall can capture his attention for hours.

Nothing serious !

Nothing serious !

Every day, we are bombarded with thousands of data, images, sounds, etc. So we find it increasingly difficult to focus on one thing. Also, in order to keep up with the times, we get used to ignoring many details to focus on one thing. Or rather what we consider most important. So if our feline isn’t looking at anything, we shouldn’t panic or worry.

In cases where the cat is exhibiting boredom-related symptoms, consider whether this behavior is due to a lack of environmental stimulation. The wisest thing in this case is to enrich its environment with niches, toys and walkways…

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