A polar bear in the heat at the Wild World of Aywaille: Jean-Michel Stasse, founder of Wolf Eyes, accuses the park again!

Despite a conviction (symbolic €1), Jean-Michel Stasse publishes a new video of polar bears… Le Monde Sauvage reacts and talks about manipulation… The seasons follow one another and are similar to the Wild World of Aywaille. And at the dawn of this summer, a new controversial page seems to be opening for the animal park… … Read more

his master prosecuted in court

Alerted by the cries and cries of the animal, a neighbor warned the gendarmes. They intervened on December 24, 2021, a little after midnight, at the home of the dog’s owner in Uckange. The Dogo Argentino was injured. He had several wounds, one of which will require an operation following his treatment. The gendarmes found … Read more

Discovery of a new population of polar bears in Greenland, able to survive outside the pack ice

This discovery, described in a study published Thursday in the prestigious journal Scienceopens the possibility that at least a few representatives of this species could survive during the century, knowing that the Arctic sea ice should eventually completely disappear in summer. “One of the big questions is where the polar bears will be able to … Read more

Animal welfare: 42 Brussels elected officials reject the ban on slaughter without stunning

The DéFI-Groen-Open Vld parties had filed a proposal for an order to prohibit slaughter without stunning. The Brussels parliament rejected the text on Friday. More precisely, the deputies had to validate or not the rejection of the proposal. Parliament validated by 42 “yes”, 38 “no” and 8 abstentions the conclusions of its Environment Committee tending … Read more