He catches a 135 kg crocodile pike, an aquatic monster from another time

A Texas fisherman recently distinguished himself by catching a monster of impressive size. Payton Moore is an American fishing enthusiast! His thing is the “no limit” which consists of catching big catches before releasing them into the water. This 32-year-old Texan fisherman is constantly looking for a new challenge with in the back of his … Read more

The health of pugs is so fragile that they cannot be considered typical dogs

⇧ [VIDÉO] You might also like this partner content (after ad) The pug is a very popular brachycephalic dog (with a “squashed” muzzle). Relatively small (about 30 cm at the withers), it is appreciated for its gentle and cheerful temperament. However, this breed is subject to frequent health problems, so much so that veterinarians question … Read more

A wallaby lost in the Rhône

A motorist had a funny encounter overnight from Tuesday to Wednesday around 1 a.m. On the road to Sain-Bel, in Saint-Pierre-la-Palud, he found himself face to face with a wallaby. It’s no longer worth going to the other side of the world to come across a wallaby in the wild… In the Rhône too, it’s … Read more

A stray cat receives daily food and drink from a human friend. To thank her, she brings her a priceless gift!

Illustrative photo A stray cat who recently gave birth trusted the person who had been feeding her for weeks so much that she decided to introduce her babies to him. She even brought them to her home, knowing full well that they would be safe there. Cats know how to be grateful to people who … Read more