Loire: the two children who fell from the 3rd floor may have wanted to catch their cat

Three days after the fall of two children from a building in the Loire, the investigation is moving towards the accidental track. The two children, one of whom died, could have tried to catch their cat on the windowsill. Their father is indicted. The tragedy took place in this building in Chambon-Feugerolles. Published: September 19, … Read more

Alix ‘disrespectful’, her former friends testify and give disturbing news of the cat

After the report of Further Investigation special influencers, other scams have been denounced. Indeed, Luna Skye confirmed that her surgeon, Doctor Azoulay, had injected a product into her buttocks on Maeva Ghennam’s bed before falling seriously ill. But Paga’s ex didn’t stop there. Luna accused Kamil Abderrahman of defrauding her of thousands of euros when … Read more