Glimmer of hope 2 days after the disappearance of a senior dog, partially blind and deaf, carried away by the floods!

© WHOO Haskell, a city in Oklahoma (USA) was rocked by heavy storms. At the beginning of the month, Elaine Hendrickson-Parry, her father named Donald and their dog Luna found themselves in the heart of the floods. During this dark period, the animal was carried away by the current. It only took a few seconds … Read more

parents’ explanation infuriates police

Child locked up with 22 stray dogs for months: parents’ explanation infuriates police In western India, an 11-year-old boy was found locked up with 22 stray dogs in a particularly dirty house. It was in India that the events took place. It all started when neighbors were concerned to see an 11-year-old child at the … Read more