The dog abandoned during a fake burglary in Grâce-Hollogne has a new family

By Allison Mazzoccato Judicial journalist at La Meuse | Published on 09/13/2022 at 19:00 In early September, we told you the terrible story of Snow, a Bernese mountain dog abandoned by his owner’s mother, behind her daughter’s back after imagining a fake burglary. Good news: the dog was finally adopted in Liège. *** ****** ************ … Read more

Hérault: without a leash or muzzle, a pit bull kills a small dog and bites its owner on the arm

The drama took place Thursday, September 8, in the Rhonel, near the Genie bridge in Clermont-l’Hérault. An investigation is underway. Sensible soul to withhold ! Thursday, September 8 in the Rhonel, near the Genie bridge, a pit bull, without a muzzle, who was walking with its owner, attacked Jocelyne Lambiotte, a Clermontaise, to savagely seize … Read more

she lifts stones and starts running

A 6 year old girl plays A wonderful rescue from this family and a very brave little girl. Several years ago, six-year-old Cara was playing near her family’s home in Londonderry, Northern Ireland when she heard a strange noise. Intrigued, the little girl looks around her to find the source. A real heroine After a … Read more

The mother of little Talya (8 years old) killed by an Amstaff in Strépy benefits from the leniency of the court

The sixth chamber of the Hainaut Criminal Court, Mons division, on Monday suspended the pronouncement of the sentence, for a period of five years, in favor of the mother of Talya, aged eight, who had succumbed to her injuries. after being attacked by the family’s American staff. This clemency had been pleaded by the mother’s … Read more