Anthony Delon: “Even my dogs, I wouldn’t beat them with the whip my father used on me”

Alain Delon’s eldest son, Anthony Delon, has just published an autobiographical book entitled Between dog and wolfpublished by Le Cherche midi. Tele-Leisure reveals extracts that send shivers down your spine. “Fourteen months ago, my father had a stroke that took away half of the man he was.” So begins Anthony Delon’s book about his father. … Read more

War – In Switzerland, Ukrainian refugees are asked to announce their animals

PublishedMarch 17, 2022, 4:20 p.m. As their country is classified as a risk for rabies, Ukrainians are invited to legalize the status of their dogs and cats with cantonal veterinarians. Refugees can enter Switzerland with their animals, provided they announce them. AFP When fleeing war, completing animal-related paperwork doesn’t really seem like a priority. In … Read more