Crisps Will Soon Cost You More: Here’s Why

The Belgian always consumes more crisps, especially during the summer. That’s what chip makers say. Yet, this foodstuff is likely to increase. Our journalist Michael Menten visited a chip factory in full production to detail why they will be more expensive. “Crisps are becoming more and more difficult to produce for a very simple reason. … Read more

“We offer water at the table so that the note is less salty”

Published on Monday, June 27, 2022 at 11:11 a.m. By SD The inclusive restaurant “L’Accueil Gourmand” in Salzinnes is praised for serving free water at the table. From customers anyway. Because, on the side of the other restaurateurs, some cringe… Many have already commented on the subject of chargeable water in our Belgian restaurants. As … Read more

VIDEO. In Feyzin, the rose grower Orard pays tribute to the starred restaurant “La Pyramide” and its famous chef Fernand Point

The rose grower Orard, based near Lyon, is dedicating a new rose to Fernand Point, a famous cook from Vienna and mentor to Paul Bocuse. Their creation was baptized on the occasion of the 200th anniversary of “La Pyramide”, the famous chef’s restaurant. A new tribute 61 years after obtaining the first Fernand Point rose. … Read more

Pizza Hut and KFC will be neighbors

Last February, the Hebdo Journal learned that the Pizza Hut restaurant, in Trois-Rivières-Ouest, would become a neighbor of the KFC Restaurant. Not only will the project be completed soon, but we now know the exact location. The two restaurants will take place on boulevard Thibeau (836 and 840), in Cap-de-la-Madeleine, in front of Akkus International … Read more