Caught destroying the sofa, this dog has a hilarious reaction (Video)

Caught destroying the sofa, this dog has a hilarious reaction (Video)

His master Gary Mill caught him the other day doing something he had never seen him do before.

Arlo is an adorable Italian Greyhound. He’s a fairly calm dog and doesn’t tend to do anything silly when he’s home alone.

A well-hidden camera

Even if Gary was not at home when the famous scene took place, he was able to monitor his dog from a distance thanks to the surveillance camera installed in the living room.

Usually, Gary doesn’t use the camera’s microphone feature because he doesn’t want to disturb or disturb Arlo.

But that day, Gary had no choice but to intervene via the microphone of the camera.

Arlo was home alone and had the foresight to start destroying his bed. He had shredded the fabric so badly you could see the mattress stuffing spilling onto the living room floor.

Caught in flagrante delicto

Gary spoke to Arlo into the camera quite loudly. Hearing his daddy’s voice, Arlo completely froze in place. Even his two ears froze above his head!

The expression of the doggie, surprised in the middle of stupidity is to die of laughter.

At the time, Gary didn’t immediately notice how hilarious Arlo’s expression was.

It was while reviewing the images once at home that he decided to share the video on TikTok. The video has been viewed over 3.4 million times, with 456,000 likes!

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