Cédric Jubillar soon cleared? “We are sure to arrive at a miscarriage of justice” assure his lawyers

Always protected by the presumption of innocence, Cédric Jubillar has been kept in solitary confinement for almost a year. Asked by Toulouse newshis lawyers denounce “Justice” and are alarmed this Thursday, June 30: “We are sure to arrive at a miscarriage of justice”…

They won’t give up. For more than a year, Me Emmanuelle Franck, Jean-Baptiste Alary and Alexandre Martin, lawyers for Cédric Jubillar have been struggling to obtain the release of the father of the family. Held in solitary confinement but protected by the presumption of innocencethe husband of Delphine Jubillar is still suspected of aggravated murder. Number one suspect in the case, despite the disappearance of the nurse’s body, the plasterer painter still proclaims his innocence. In the columns of Actu Toulouse, this Thursday, June 30, his defense is alarmed against this justice “which is starting to scare”. According to them, the latter is a disaster for the truth. A disaster for Delphine’s family and loved ones“, ensures the trio. Because with this way of doing things, we are sure to arrive at a miscarriage of justice more than to approach the truth“, assures Me Emmanuelle Franck.

Furious, Cédric Jubillar’s lawyers fear justice for his family and loved ones, which analyzes all the elements as dependent, even if it means contradicting himself, even if it means lying. It is this justice that we have known for a year now that it can only lead to disaster.“, they continue. Brought up against this endless legal procedure, the latter do their best to deconstruct the file: We knew it would be a marathon. We won’t be discouraged“. Appeared once again before the magistrates of the investigating chamber to plead in defense of the husband of the missing nurse, Me Emmanuelle Franck, Jean-Baptiste Alary and Alexandre Martin should get yet another deliberation on Monday.

“The gendarmes resume the excavations discreetly”

Disappeared on the night of December 15 to 16, 2020, Delphine Jubillar has not given any sign of life since. Unsuccessful so far, the numerous excavations organized by the investigations gave nothing. However, new research is underway, according to the lawyers of her husband, Cédric Jubillar: Today, the gendarmes resume the excavations ‘in all discretion’ at the bottom of the cemetery… Coincidence? “Perhaps, but this research can be done with Cédric Jubillar outside“, they assured. Each time we come to plead Cédric Jubillar’s request for release, we are taken out of the search. The last time, it was drones in Cagnac“.

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