Cédric Jubillar: this constraint which complicates the work of his lawyers

Cédric Jubillar suffered a new refusal from the judge of freedoms and detention of Toulouse this Monday, June 13. He will remain in detention for another six months. The lawyers of the main suspect in the case of the disappearance of Delphine Jubillar denounced a heavy parameter which complicates their defense, in an interview granted to the Figaro last January.

It’s a new cold shower for Cédric Jubillar. Indicted for “voluntary spousal homicide” in the case of the disappearance of his wife, the nurse Delphine Jubillar, the father of the family never ceases to proclaim his innocence with the judge of freedoms and detention of Toulouse. The latter, however, has refused once again his request for release on Monday, June 13, thus extending his pre-trial detention by six months. Presumed innocent until proven guiltyhis three lawyers, Maîtres Marin, Allary and Franck, pointed to a significant constraint which complicates their defense workin an interview given to Figaro last January. It’s about media coverage of the case, which strongly influences public opinion.

“This media coverage is complicated because we have a defense to make in the courts, but a defense also to be carried out in the media, indicated Maître Emmanuelle Franck to the newspaper. Because viewers today’s readers are tomorrow’s jurors. We cannot ignore this defence. If we let Cédric Jubillar to be crushed in public opinion, it will already be crushed even before the opening of a potential trial.” For his colleague Maître Alary, it remains however “a file that must be treated like all the others, with the same attention, the same abnegation, the same combativeness. The only difference is the hype.”

“An extremely heavy file which obliges, engages, worries permanently”

The parameter of media coverage and overexposure in the media also plays on the nerves of the three defenders of Cédric Jubillar. “Personally, it is an extremely heavy file which obliges, engages, worries permanently. We are subject to media and legal pressure. Not half a day goes by without being called upon. It requires an extraordinary personal investment”, entrusted Master Martin.

Especially since from the point of view of history, the high-profile trials are often unsuccessful for the suspects’ lawyers.“This investigation is bogged down around an enduring mysterywith the same media blunders and the same slippages of the gendarmerie that we have seen in the Grégory affair… It is the chronicle of an announced judicial disaster”, dreaded Master Martin. And to add that other leads than those of spousal murder remain to be explored: “Is she sequestered somewhere? Has she encountered an evil individual? We do not know. (…) But if there is an interest in digging other avenues, they should not be announced publicly.”

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