Chagny. Three litters of puppies soon to be adopted

Three litters of puppies, some of June 17, the other two born on June 27, are abandoned and adoptable at the SPA of Chagny to the surprise of Chantal Baudrand, the head of the SPA.

The first litter dropped off at the shelter on June 20 gave birth to six puppies: three white and three black, medium-sized crosses.

The second litter gave birth to three cross puppies born at the shelter. Their abused mother had been seized and placed.

Finally, five cross-bred German Shepherd puppies come from the 3e scope. 14 puppies will therefore be offered for adoption, vaccinated and chipped, treated against parasites, from the 1er august.

“It’s really sad, when we know that dogs, males and females are still not sterilized. We will have the other litters soon, ”regrets Chantal. Since 1er July, 62 dogs were abandoned for only eight adopted.

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