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Charming dog shows everyone with these photos how much he loves going to the beach

An adorable cocker spaniel named Narcos discovered the beach when he was just 3 months old and fell in love with it right away. He liked to run on the sand and watch the waves; he also liked to roll around, and his mother, Euphémie Brindejonc, seeing his happiness, realized that he should go to the beach more often than usual.

Her favorite game on the beach is to get the ball. Narcos gets really excited when they start playing; he jumps so high in the air to catch the ball, and ends up completely covered in water and sand. This charming little dog is enjoying the beach to the fullest, and seeing his joy is amazing for his mother.

Euphémie commented to The Dodo:

“He likes chasing seagulls, sniffing in the dunes, swimming in warm weather and meeting friends. »

Noticing how happy Narcos was enjoying the day at the beach, his mother decided to take pictures of him happily playing and bouncing around; it looked fabulous flying through the air, and of course the photos turned out perfect.

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A charming dog likes to go to the beach

You can see how Narcos jumps for joy as his wonderful fur flies in the wind. He was so excited to run along the beach, that his happiness shines through in each of the shots taken by his mistress.

Euphemia adds:

“Most of the photos I take are taken during the game sessions. He always gives his best, he has a lot of fun! »

The woman decided to share the funny photos of Narcos enjoying a sunny day at the beach on her Instagram and TikTok account for everyone to enjoy and catch the excitement of this dog, and of course thousands of users were amused to see the joy on Narcos’ face.

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Euphemia concludes:

“I think 100% of people are laughing. Seeing his long ears flying and all his hair weightless is so amazing and funny. He puts so much heart into it that you can’t help but smile.

There is no doubt that Narcos loves to go to the beach ; flying through the air in the gentle breeze and ending up completely covered in water and sand is simply the highlight of his day.

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