Chef Thierry Marx’s rant against junk food: “It’s been going on for 40 years!”

This Saturday, June 25, the famous chef Thierry Marx was the guest of On Refait la télé on RTL (France). The opportunity for the former juror of Top Chef to return to his career but also to rant against “a danger” of our society: junk food.

Asked about “junk food”, Thierry Marx spoke clearly on the subject. He first asked the institutions for a “very large surcharge, as much as cigarettes, on sodas”. Sodas and prepared and low-cost food are “real public dangers for the food of our children”, he warns at the microphone of Eric Dussart. He offers to provide cooking lessons to children from an early age to train them to work with food rather than stay “consumers”.

“Renouncing quality for low prices”

Thierry Marx also protested against inactive politicians in the face of the risks posed by junk food. “Low-cost is an economy of renunciation. You give up quality in exchange for low prices”analyzes the chef. “The worst part of all this is that the more you crush farmers’ margins, the happier people are going to be. It’s been going on for forty years. So you’ve oxidized our agriculture, our industry, our crafts and finally, people eat badly. So this low-cost theory is deadly.”

He regrets that no politician has “the courage to talk about it”suggesting that these products are intended for “those who cannot afford”.

Thierry Marx has been committed against low-cost food for several years. In particular, he co-authored the book L’assiette santé.


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