Cherbourg. Émeline and her dog Saïko surely saved the life of the man stuck in the rocks

Émeline and her dog Saïko were walking on the Collignon beach path, when the Malinois shepherd ran towards the rocks. (©DP)

It’s a morning that Émeline won’t soon forget… A few hours after the events, you can still hear the emotion in her voice. This Monday, July 18, 2022while the sun was not yet up, she surely saved the life of a man…

“I heard the call for help”

Émeline Bouchenez works at Naval Group, Cherbourg-en-Cotentin (Sleeve). She had just finished her night’s work at 5 a.m. when she decided to go for a walk on Collignon beach, in the cool of the early morning, with her dog Saïko, a 15-month-old Belgian Malinois shepherd, before going to bed…

“I walked along the path that borders the beach. It was still dark at this time, and at one point my dog ​​ran off towards the rocks…”

Émeline is not worried, Saïko is curious by nature. The young woman quietly continues her walk, but Saïko stays on the rocks:

“He doesn’t budge. He turns around, plunges his head between the rocks and there, I hear talking. The closer I get, the more I manage to understand the words that said: Help, help! »

Feet sticking out of the rocks

The little walk by the sea at sunrise ended in a rescue!
The little walk by the sea at sunrise ended in rescue thanks to Saïko! (©DP)

Arrived at the height of her dog, Émeline suddenly sees… feet sticking out of rocks. She addresses the person who explains to her that she has been stuck since about midnight, upside down.

“He told me he was very afraid of dying, so I did my best to reassure him and called the fire department at the same time. But without my dog, I might not have noticed this gentleman in the night. »

“On reflection, I tell myself that what probably attracted my dog ​​are the feet that this gentleman must have been wiggling. Hearing my dog ​​running around, the gentleman probably started calling for help. »

Émeline waited for the arrival of the firefighters before finishing her walk by the sea with Saïko, who was waiting for that, unaware that he had probably just saved a man’s life.

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