“Chez ta mère”: the new restaurant of the guinguette de Tours

Tours-sur-Loire is both a cultural program for 4 months, multidisciplinary and rich but also a beautiful terrace with bar and restaurant and view of the Loire. It is this mixture that has made the success of the place since 2005.

On this last part, one of the main changes this year concerns the restaurant. After 10 years of service, “Les Gregs” is handing over to “Chez ta mère”, which will be managed by Séverine Mayer who was already in charge of the management of the Beach (and who will continue to do so). In parallel with the north shore of the banks of the Loire, the chef who made herself known for her spiced cuisine on the Masterchef show a few years ago, is therefore launching a new formula for the catering part.

“I wanted a catchy and simple concept” she explains to us, “hence the name ‘Chez ta mère’, because we all like to eat at our mother’s, because at your mother’s it’s always good, friendly, at your mother’s it’s a smile, it’s a name that has a lot of value for me and there I want to be everyone’s mother. »

On the menu side, it will change every week but will offer a maximum of local or at least French products. “For 4 months I have been around the local producers, I want to work only with fresh and local products as much as possible, while making the magic of spices speak”continues Séverine Mayer.

The chef will offer a menu made up of two starters, three main courses, two desserts with vegetarian options each time, as well as a set menu for lunch. The complete formula will cost you 19 euros, 17 euros for the starter/main course or the main course/dessert and 13 euros for the dish of the day. To eat, reservations are made by text at 0620626717.

Among the novelties, let us also mention the installation of an on-site rotisserie which will rotate on Sundays and Mondays. As for the aperitif, Séverine Mayer will change the proposals. Say goodbye to planks and make way for well-worked “finger food”, such as bites or croque-monsieur with rillons, for example.

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