Clever Dog Opened His Friends Cage With His Mouth And Freed Them

We talk a lot about dogs and their great friendship with humans. When part of a family, dogs can become the happiest member of the family and become the heart of the household. In short, they seem like the best companion a person could have.

However, these dogs are not only great with men, or their loved ones, but they can also be very friendly with other dogs. Their owners know this very well, because each time they come across another canine, it is normal for them to want to stay there playing instead of continuing to walk.

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Clever Dog Opened His Friends Cage With His Mouth And Freed Them

That’s why it shouldn’t be strange or surprising that an animal might take risks to help another canine friend. This was demonstrated in a recent case that took place in a kennel, where the protagonist was a Golden Retriever who touched the hearts of many for his empathy and sensitivity towards his fellow canines.

As reported by the Daily Mail, the dog named Daisy was filmed inside a kennel in Bangkok, Thailand, as she tried her best to free other canine companions who were in a cage.

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The dog’s intention was to let her friends out of the cages so they could play with her. So she started chewing on the handle of the metal door until she gave in and could open it. At the same time, the two dogs inside were pushing to help. In the end, it was teamwork that paid off.

When they come out of the cage, they start jumping on each other in celebration. For the dogs’ owner, Ponlapat Pattanapaiboonkul, there is nothing to be impressed about, as he knows his female dog’s abilities very well.

“Daisy is really smart. She knows when the other dogs want to leave and when they want to come back.”, did he declare.

Watch the video below:

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