CMR: FIFA has not yet responded to the appeal

Contrary to the information that has been circulating since this morning, FIFA, which issued the decisions of its Disciplinary Committee on the World Cup playoff matches as expected, has not issued a decision on the Algerian appeal concerning the match. Algeria – Cameroon.

> News: FIFA sanctions Algeria

Many media as well as international press agencies have been saying since this morning that FIFA decided that the match was not going to be replayed, whereas in reality the decisions made public and which concern all the playoff matches have not nothing to do with the appeal brought by the Algerian football federation.

Indeed, Algeria was simply sanctioned with 3000 Swiss francs in accordance with article 16 of the FIFA disciplinary code for the throwing of objects (seats) and the use of smoke bombs at the Mustapha Tchaker stadium in Blida.

A document released to the press today lists the latest FIFA disciplinary decisions as of April 20, 2022.

The FAF is doing well, because its Senegalese counterpart has for its part received 175,000 Swiss francs and a match behind closed doors for, among other things, the use of lasers during the penalty session, Nigeria has also similarly punished.

Concerning the Algerian complaint, as a reminder, it was finally addressed to the arbitration commission which can judge the possible corruption of the Gambian referee Bakary Gassama. It is only then that there is a possibility of a decision to replay the match.

Once again, as we have explained many times over the past month, the probability of such a decision in favor of Algeria is very highly unlikely, but once again contrary to what is said today, FIFA did not respond.


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