Cognac: half barrels for shelter for stray cats

On Wednesday 28 September, Cognac inaugurated the first of its 24 shelters for stray cats. The other 23 are underway and will be spread to ten other places in the city, so that all cats will be housed in the same boat.

Called “Dodo à chat” (and laser-engraved on it!), this little haven is the result of a collaboration between the town hall and the Vicard distillery, who graciously agreed to make them.

For the occasion, Sylvie Gautier, elected in charge of animal protection, had gathered her gang of around twenty volunteers. They explain their approach: “We create a place for them to sleep, where we also feed them. It is also easier to catch and sterilize them. We have a partnership with 30 million friends to organize trapping campaigns twice a year”.

Yet these shelters are not an end in themselves. The goal is for the “free cats” to find a home. An approach that will be simplified by the upcoming creation of a dedicated Facebook page. Another project in the pipeline: the creation of a cat shelter to house these felines while they wait to find an owner for them.

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