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Confused hen who ‘bred’ 4 kittens refuses to return them to their original mother

The hen refuses to return “his babies” : it is clear that the maternal instinct is very strong by nature. When an animal sees helpless babies, it sometimes forgets that they belong to another species and takes care of them as if they were its own. It is a kind of adoption, which occurs quite often in natureeven from predator to prey.

This story takes place on a farm where there are different kinds of animals ranging from cows to cats, chickens and a hen with a special maternal instinct. The farmer went into his barn and saw one of his hens warming her nest with a few “kids” on the inside. He didn’t see anything out of the ordinary. Indeed, he noticed nothing unusual or that caught his eye that day; in his eyes it was a hen getting ready to hatch her eggs.

Normally, hens heat their nest before incubating the eggs and then keep them warm for several weeks until they hatch. Then they continue to incubate when they are small to keep them at the right temperature and keep them alive without problems. But this time the hen didn’t take care of babies of her own kind.

A hen refuses to return the kittens to their original mother.

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To put it into context, there are several cats on the farm and one of them gave birth a short time ago, but he gave birth in the hen’s own nest when she was not there. When the hen returned to her nest and saw the kittens, she thought they were helpless creatures needed protection and immediately felt a deep love.

The hen now found herself caring for the cat’s babies, but she was convinced that these babies belonged to her and were under her protection. The hen flatly refused to return “her little ones” and the cat was desperate to get her kittens back. She must have regretted that gave birth to her babies in this nest.

The poor hen did not understand the situation, she did not understand why a cat tried to tear the kittens away from her; she was convinced that these little ones were of the same species. The mother’s instinct does not classify, but only pushes to keep those who are considered helpless safe. The mother cat was also worried as her litter was unapproachable.

As comforting as it may be to see the maternal instinct at work, it must be understood that both the cat and the hen love these babies, and leaving them like that was not the solution. The hen refuses to return the kittens, but maybe with a brilliant idea, the situation could be resolved. In order for her to leave the chicks, the hen had to have chicks of her own.

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And so it was, the hen’s time came and she had her own little ones. Although she was incredibly attached to the little kittens who did not belong to her, she let them go to find their mother. She had to look after her own little ones now. She just wanted to give love without limits. She wanted to nurture and protect even if they were of different species, maternal instinct is one of the most beautiful things in the world.

Today, kittens and cubs grow up healthy and strong and there are no more arguments about it, both mothers are happy and there are no hard feelings between these beautiful animals. It all ended well for them and their little ones!

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