Consumption. Supermarkets, florists, restaurants… Which stores are open on May 1, 2022?

Bad pick this year for May 1st, it’s a Sunday! Farewell, then, to the long weekend… However, you may be wondering whether, because of Labor Day, you will be able to go shopping, visit the florist, do some shopping for gardening and DIY. , or order food. If stores choose, like every year, to open or stay closed on a case-by-case basis, here is some information to remember.

Florists on the lookout for lily of the valley

The weekend promises to be sunny, and despite the school holidays, florists hope that customers will be there this Sunday. Because there are the roses of Valentine’s Day, and the lily of the valley of May 1st that we offer to the people who are dear to us. This appointment is a tradition, which is why most shops should remain open at least in the morning, until the end of the market. So be careful not to sleep in too much in order to enjoy it!

The most expensive lily of the valley this year?

If the capricious weather of the last few weeks has little impact on the production of lily of the valley, the increase in the cost of energy and transport could however push prices up. Lily of the valley is in fact grown in a greenhouse at a regulated temperature. In case of bad weather, you have to turn up the heating and therefore more energy…

The sprig of lily of the valley should however remain at a competitive price, between 1.50 and 2 euros. Indeed, as every year, individuals are authorized to sell the famous bells in small quantities in the street, without settling next to a florist and only if the sprigs have been picked in the woods. To find all the rules for selling lily of the valley, click here.

But pots of lily of the valley, for this reason, could be sold more expensive.

Many supermarkets closed

Due to the Sunday and May 1st combo, many stores are likely to remain closed. You can always check on the sites of major retailers, but Leclerc or Auchan generally respect this day off. Most Carrefour Hypermarkets and Markets, and Cora stores will be closed. Monoprix, Casino, Franprix and other stores that usually open on Sundays could remain open on a case-by-case basis.

What about DIY stores?

The good weather makes you want to tinker, but beware, it’s Sunday: most gardening and DIY stores will be closed: Leroy Merlin, Mr Bricolage are closing, but Brico Dépôt and Jardiland usually remain open in the morning. To see if an exception is made for Labor Day. The Castorama, on the other hand, should be numerous to remain with the curtain down.

If in doubt, pick up your phone

Bakers, greengrocers, butchers, fishmongers, newsagents, tobacconists, pharmacies, laundries, dry cleaners, hairdressers, car garages… The opening of this type of business is decided on a case-by-case basis, it is better to think about looking on the internet or to pick up his phone.

What restaurants are open?

Want to order food? Several fast food brands will keep some of their restaurants open for May 1st. Burger King, Del Arte, KFC, Domino’s Pizza, McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, Quick, Starbucks, Sushi Shop, or even Subway are among them. Find the list of places concerned here.

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