Cooking: skyr, the new star of the fresh food department, is it (really) good for your health?

A bowl of skyr with fruit makes a perfect breakfast. (©zigres / AdobeStock)

Simple fromage blanc or miracle product ? However, some influencers and athletes swear by it and it quickly found a place in our refrigerators.

Presented as a authentic Icelandic recipeskyr is not considered a yoghurt – a name that requires the presence of specific lactic ferments – but could be similar to our cottage cheese.

A thick texture, an acid taste and above all recognized nutritional benefits have made it the new dairy star.

Watch out for protein

Particularly rich in protein (10%), it is particularly suitable for people who want to lose weight and fear cravings between two meals. “Protein is a nutrient that brings satiety,” begins Florence Thorez, dietitian nutritionist and member of the AFDN (French Association of Dietitian Nutritionists).

The skyr is therefore interesting to avoid snacking during the day. If you eat it in the morning, you’re stuck until lunch.

Florence Thoreznutritionist dietician

Be careful, however, not to abuse it for do not exceed the recommendations protein daily (0.8 g per kilo of weight), especially if you eat meat.

Perfect for vegetarians

This Icelandic dairy specialty, which offers a good animal protein supplementtherefore particularly suitable for vegetarians.

And the latter often tend to make up for it on cheese, a food they could easily replace with skyr, which is much less fatty. “Skyr provides satiating animal proteins and, in addition, it is very low in fat. However, cheese contains on average 20% fat! »

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A source of calcium, skyr has almost the same contribution as cottage cheese (110 mg of calcium per 100 g against 130 mg for cottage cheese). However, a white cheese contains about 3% fat on the finished product, while the skyr is 0%. An asset that also explains its dazzling success.

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