Could the full moon affect dog behavior? We will explain everything to you

Studies have certified that lunar cycles affect certain insects, fish and birds. However, the effects on dogs have not yet been proven by science. But there are testimonials from owners who claim that the full moon does indeed affect dog behavior. Many of them have actually noticed that their pets tend to behave differently during the full moon.

What we believe is that some dogs (as well as humans) are more sensitive to these phenomena and that while some dogs are not affected by the moon or anything else, others are.

The phases of the moon can affect the behavior of humans and animals. A clear example is the increase in dog visits to vets when this phase of the moon occurs. The increase is 28%.

A full moon is ten times brighter than even a half moon. The phases of the moon have an effect on the tides and also on our bodies, as they are mostly made up of water. Another theory as to why they affect us is that there are more positive ions in the environment.

Possible causes for increased damage to pets during the full moon

© Ganapathy Kumar / Unsplash

Dogs get hurt more during full moons. The cause of this phenomenon is unclear, but it is believed to be due to dogs wanting to spend more time outdoors when the moon is brightest, making them more susceptible to accidents.

Whatever astrologers say, the most logical explanation is that when the moon shines brighter it is easier for them to see a cat, squirrel or anything else that causes them to chase them and therefore it is more easy for them to get hurt.

And the most common theory is that pet owners spend more time outdoors with their pets during those times when the sun is shining. moon is at its peak. However, it is dark and it will only increase your pet’s risk of injury if you choose to spend more time outdoors with your pet at this time of day.

As we have seen, there is no evidence that the full moon influences the behavior of pets. But in nature, many animals certainly behave differently in its presence. For example, in Australia, millions of corals simultaneously release sperm and eggs during the full moon each year. lions change their hunting habits and the birds are disoriented.

If your pet’s behavior changes with the full moon, there’s really no need to worry. When the signs are severe, your vet may prescribe anti-anxiety medication.

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