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Court of Perpignan – Lawyer sprayed with caustic product: the defendant prohibited from staying in the town for 5 years

The 34-year-old man was presented on Tuesday August 9 for an immediate appearance before the Perpignan Criminal Court for “death threats” and “violence with a weapon”, a recurrence. In this case for attacking a Perpignan lawyer in the city center and throwing a liquid in his face… still unidentified.

It all started on Monday, July 4, in the morning when Mr.e Ramounet Valls, lawyer at the bar of Perpignan, had arrived by car rue des Augustins to go and fix the door of a family building. A homeless man, a colossus of almost 2 meters, well known to the inhabitants of the sector, was settling in front of the entrance with his shopping cart. The man of justice had summoned him to leave the premises and a first altercation had broken out.

However, around noon, while Me Valls, accompanied by his wife, joined his office on rue de l’Incendie, the defendant had reappeared, had gone around the block, came to meet him and threw at him: “ Don’t move, I’ll get some gas and I’ll burn your head.”

“It was a liquid. I thought it was going to strike a match and burn me”

The defendant had left the scene before reappearing ten minutes later. “He had like a white bag in his handsays the lawyer. He came towards me and he threw something in my face. It was a liquid. I thought he was going to strike a match and burn me. Immediately, my whole face hurt very badly as if the skin was boiling. I immediately thought it was acid.” The victim, notably affected in one eye and suffering from corneal microburns, was taken to the emergency room while the suspect was arrested at the scene.

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Presented for the first time in court on July 6, he had not been tried and his trial had been postponed, the time to carry out additional investigations, requested by the civil party. However, more than a month later, we know little more. The images from the surveillance cameras, installed in the neighboring streets, were not usable. M’s shirte Valls (assisted by Me Fabien Large), which had been placed under seal and on which samples were to be taken to determine the nature of the liquid, was unfortunately lost.

And the defendant, defended by Me Catherine Barrère, who admitted during the first hearing to have sprinkled the lawyer with hydrochloric acid, is much less affirmative. Recognized as 93% disabled, suffering from bipolarity, schizophrenia and split personality according to his words, he explains that he acted in response to threats and that he found a bottle at random in a trash can that thought it was likely a diluted caustic. We will never know.

The prosecutor nevertheless requires one year in prison. The court goes down to 10 months firm, in addition to the revocation of a previous reprieve of 9 months, but also pronounces a ban on staying in the town of Perpignan for 5 years.

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