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Creil. Kangal-type dog kills Chihuahua, then bites its owner on the toe

Micky, a Chihuahua breed dog, was killed Tuesday, August 9 alley of the Petite Brèche, in Creil, by a Kangal type dog. Credit: Sophie Abraham.

Micky, a pinscher-chihuahua hybrid, was five and a half years old. Sophie Abraham, the daughter of Marie-Josée, and owner of Micky, filed a report with the police station of Creil, against the owners of the dog, who wandered alone and without a leash in the street at the time of the facts.

Micky, his chihuahua pinscher, was to be cremated on Thursday August 11: “This dog killed mine with a fang. My mother also could have stayed there, because she suffers constant respiratory problemssaid Sophie. She is on life support. Our doctor is on vacation. And impossible, in this heat, to bring him to the hospital to have his toe examined.»

Marie-Josée, Sophie Abraham’s mother, was bitten on the toe by the dog that killed her chihuahua. Credit: Sophie Abraham.

She recalls the facts:My mother, who lives with me, has gone to walk my dog. About 600 meters from our house, around 2:30 p.m., in an adjacent street, a large dog suddenly arrived. She didn’t see him coming and he attacked my chihuahua. My mother, by reflex, threw the flip-flop that she had on her foot in her direction. But since she had her foot in the air, she got bitten on her big toe. She found herself squatting, starving for oxygen. The dog then put its paw on my mother’s leg. He took my dog ​​in the mouth, and he apparently died instantly.At this moment, Micky was lying on the ground in a pool of blood.

According to his mother, this aggressor dog was not on a leash:

She told me it was quite a large dog, beige with black nose, quite imposing.»

Sophie Abraham, owner of the chihuahua.

Marie-Josee screamed. Two young people moved to his bedside. One of them went to fetch water from a neighbor. The other knew who the kangal type dog belonged to. “One of the neighbors saw a woman take the dog from a vehicle, without further detailsthought to hear Sophie Abraham, that one of the residents came to pick up at her home.

A dog “who does not bite for the first time”

Called by a witness, the police moved. “The witness would have given the coordinates of the owner of the dogsays Sophie Abraham. I then took my dog. I went home and dropped him off at the vet clinic. I found that he had been bitten in the ribs.»

The vet told me that according to his diagnosis, his heart had been punctured and he would have died instantly. Which is the sign of a dog not biting for the first time.»

Sophie Abraham, owner of the chihuahua.

At the police station where Sophie stayed for an hour and a quarter, Sophie regretted not being able to file a complaint: “I was only allowed to sign a report, because it was civil, not criminal, according to the police. However, my dog ​​died and my mother was injured and she is still in shock.” Sophie Abraham admits being annoyed with the police who received her: “I spoke to them badly, it’s true… That’s when the superintendent came and was kind enough to take my report. He kindly gave me the name of the street where the dog’s owners live.Sophie conducted her investigation: “I ended up finding the house, by questioning the neighborhood. It’s the only house where there’s a dog matching the one that killed mine. But when I rang their doorbell, they told me that there had never been a dog here.»

She went back to ask for confirmation from the neighbors and was told again that this house did indeed house a large dog. “I went back and the owner told me no, there was no dog here. I told him that if I saw his dog again, I would kill him.“She is aware that this is a threat, but”I was beside myself“.

Chihuahua Micky will be cremated on Thursday August 11. According to his veterinarian, he died instantly after being bitten by another dog. Credit: Sophie Abraham.

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