Crisps Will Soon Cost You More: Here’s Why

The Belgian always consumes more crisps, especially during the summer. That’s what chip makers say. Yet, this foodstuff is likely to increase. Our journalist Michael Menten visited a chip factory in full production to detail why they will be more expensive.

“Crisps are becoming more and more difficult to produce for a very simple reason. Its components are becoming more and more expensive. These pepper chips are made from 30% sunflower oil. This oil has cost three times as much since the crisis and the war in Ukraine. The ton went from 1,000 euros to 3,000 euros. The price of the potato, the main ingredient of crisps will also increase. Add to that the energy to produce it, the packaging and transport which are also increasing. The price of crisps in supermarkets will increase by 20%.

At the same time, the prices of palm, soybean and rapeseed oils, on which many industrialists refer, are rising sharply under the effect of an increase in world import demand due to supply shortages. supply of sunflower oil.

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