Cyril Lignac finally reveals these 4 habits that do him the most good!

Cyril Lignac is a famous chef, born November 5, 1977 in France. Chef and author of French cookbooks, he opened his Parisian restaurant, Quinzieme Cuisine Attitude, in 2005. The man is certainly no longer an unknown face for French viewers! Now that he has opened his first pastry shop in the provinces (more precisely in Saint-Tropez), he decides to tell some surprising facts about him! Want to know more? Find in the next paragraphs all the details that will allow you to know a little more about this emblematic personality!

Discover Cyril Lignac’s favorite activities

In addition to his passion for cooking, know that Cyril Lignac is above all a great athlete ! Playing polo is a kind of escape for him. Besides, she does not miss the opportunity to practice this activity every time she visits Argentina. In addition, he has acquaintances who live there and share the same passion as him.

However, the polo is not just a simple adrenaline rush for Cyril Lignac. It’s actually a way of life. Besides, having a passion is essential to move forward in life. Doing something you care about gives us a reason to keep learning and working to master the subject. It can often give us a reason to travel, and therefore to have new experiences, so essential to happiness. Like baking, riding a horse is a difficult process and “winning doesn’t happen by itself.”

To travel

Know, moreover, that travel is part of everyday activities by Cyril Lignac. Indeed, the man is used to escaping for a moment with his collaborators. The chef also confided in his last trip to Argentina! It would seem that it turned out to be a magical and memorable moment for the man. Waking up at 4:30 a.m. in a place devoured by nature, followed by a short horseback ride with the sunrise warming our hearts, there is nothing more soothing!

One of the great benefits of travel is link building and relationship building during the stay. Travel builds human connections by learning about culture, food, new sites, music, and how people live on a daily basis in different parts of the world. It is the best on-site learning a person can have. “I like this feeling of being free, on the other side of the world”, declared Cyril Lignac!

Cyril Lignac: these habits that do him good

Being a star cook known by all, it is obviously logical that the relatives of Cyril Lignac are spoiled by good food ! It is also one of the common habits of man, that is to say, cooking for the people who are close to his heart. Spending time with his family is one of his favorite moments in life! Sharing a meal together, discussing everything and nothing around a table filled with good things is enough to make Cyril happy!

In addition, Cyril Lignac has a particular love for the province of Saint-Tropez. In addition to its image and its idyllic setting which reminds us of the mildness of summer, it is above all a picturesque town with unique craft traditions. It is for this reason that the man decided to open his first pastry shop in this place with a soothing landscape!

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