Dad Accidentally Films Video Of Daughter Dancing While Dog Plays Piano

In the face of so much unpleasant news, scenes like this remind us that levity is increasingly necessary.

No wonder this video went viral and caused a stir on the internet and on YouTube.

We discover Buddy Mercury, an adopted dog who is already famous for his talents as a pianist, playing while his little sister dances.

The moment was captured completely accidentally by the father, so thank him for getting to see this passionate scene to say the least.

With over 19 million views, the scene shows a beagle who is good at piano and ‘singing,’ but most importantly, he’s extremely good with children.

Self-taught, the surname Mercury is no coincidence.

Referencing the legendary Freddie Mercury, Buddy also has a website where his fans can download his latest music.

After all, the internet doesn’t just live off sensationalism and social media, does it?

The love between dogs and humans

Science has already proven that the love we feel for our dogs is often the same as the love we have for our children. The answer lies in oxytocin – the love hormone, which we release when we pet or kiss them.

However, having a dog at home can be extremely beneficial for children, who will learn from an early age to respect animals and care for those in need.

Not to mention the relationship of pure love that exists between them, without reprimand, without judgment or the need for rules and impositions.

Watch the video :

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