Deer killed by two stray dogs, the town hall of Pluméliau-Bieuzy calls for caution – Pluméliau-Bieuzy

“Two very large black dogs killed several deer in the Landes du Crano. If you see them, please notify the town hall very quickly to report their presence. be careful […], do not approach them”. The message and the photos, published this Friday August 19 on the Facebook page of the town hall of Pluméliau-Bieuzy, are to say the least explicit.

“They have been seen several times since the end of July”, confirms Richard Billy, the president of the Municipal Association of Approved Hunting (Acca) of Bieuzy, which manages, in partnership with the hunting federation, the classified natural space of Landes du Crano. “On July 25, they were photographed with a young deer they had just killed.”

The two stray animals were also reported, this Friday, August 19, in Saint-Nicolas des eaux. For the president of the hunters, “these dogs probably do not come from the town” but they seem to have taken their habits in the Landes du Crano, where many people are used to walking and where a herd of sheep regularly grazes .

“It is a question of avoiding an accident”, underlines Richard Billy, who launches an appeal to the owners of these dogs – who have still not been identified: “Keep them at home! “.

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