Delivery driver jumps into swimming pool to save drowning dog

John Cassabria is a delivery driver who works for Amazon. He is responsible for delivering products to customers’ homes. Last month, the man was working cautiously, delivering packages to WoburnMassachusetts, when he suddenly heard a very strange and unusual noise.

So John opened the door of his delivery truck to listen better, but even so he was unable to identify the strange sound he was hearing.

John, told The Dodo:

“The noise I heard is still very indescribable. It was something like a siren attack mixed with a howl, like when the wind howls in the branches of the trees”.


Delivery driver jumps into swimming pool to save dog

Very curious, the delivery driver got out of the car and decided to follow the noise, which led him to a fence surrounding a house. Looking closer, he could observe the source of the strange sound; it was about a dog trapped in a swimming pool who called for help.

Apparently the poor old dog was wandering around when suddenly, through carelessness, he found himself in the pool. It’s unclear how long the 14-year-old Husky named Luka had been in the water, but he was too tired to swim any longer.

delivery driver

John says:

“As soon as I found out what it was, my blood boiled. My heart tore. Until I got to him physically, I wasn’t sure if he was still with us, and all I could think about was getting him out of the pool and making sure he was okay. security. »

Without thinking, the man jumped into the pool with his clothes and shoes on, with the sole purpose of bringing the animal back to dry land. After performing this fabulous heroic act, he ensured that the dog was healthy and able to breathe on its own.

“After getting out of the pool, I was very shocked, very scared. He didn’t want me to leave him. Every time I stood up he would kick me or push me, so I stayed with him the whole time. »

The delivery driver decided to call the municipal animal control service and waited for them for an hour and a half alongside Luka.


Luckily for everyone, the officer in charge turned out to be a neighbor of Luka’s family, so he called them to let them know.

After learning of the incredible rescue, Luka’s family were shocked by what happened, and tried to explain what could have happened. According to his family, the dog had escaped and got into trouble, which caused the incident.

Luckily, John was close to the scene and was able to save him. Luka’s mother, Lucy Cadwell, was deeply grateful to the kind and heroic man, as she knows that his action was very important for her animal.

delivery driver

John then clarifies:

“I know a lot of people have used the word ‘heroic’ and ‘hero’, and maybe that’s me being modest, but a month later I still don’t consider myself a hero. I see myself as someone who has done what any dog ​​owner would have done.”

The man has four dogs, and is happy for being at the right time to help a dog in need.

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