Delphine’s husband’s lawyers write to the prosecutor to denounce the violation of the secrecy of the instruction

Cédric Jubillar’s lawyers, annoyed, denounce the numerous leaks in the press concerning elements of the investigation of the case. A report has been filed with the public prosecutor of Toulouse.

Maître Jean-Baptiste Alary, Emmanuelle Franck and Alexandre Martin, Cédric Jubillar’s lawyers, have just made a report to the public prosecutor of Toulouse to denounce “too regular violations of the secrecy of the instruction“.

“For a year and a half, too many leaks have prevented a serene pursuit of this case,” said Me Jean-Baptiste Alary, annoyed following the publication in the press of investigative material, in particular on Delphine Jubillar’s glasses.

There can always be indiscretions, but (…) of this magnitude, it is quite unprecedented.

Me Jean-Baptiste Alary at AFP

The Attorney General of Toulouse had requested last November that the hearings for the suspect’s release be held behind closed doors, already following leaks in the press.

Delphine Jubillar, who worked as a night nurse in a clinic in Albi, disappeared in December 2020. Her husband, with whom she was divorcing, is the main suspect in this disappearance case.

Cédric Jubillar was indicted for murder and imprisoned on June 18, 2021. Since then, he has not stopped repeating that he is innocent. But justice, she believes that the investigators have brought enough elements of guilt concerning the 34-year-old plasterer painter. Hence his continued imprisonment.

Cédric Jubillar’s lawyers claim, for their part, that the file does not contain any irrefutable evidence. Cédric Jubillar must again be heard by the investigating judges on May 12, 2022.

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