Demi Moore visits the Louvre with her chihuahua: “Since when can you bring your dog back to a museum?”

She surely wanted to create a buzz and amuse her fans, but this time Demi Moore didn’t really hit the mark.

This Wednesday, July 13, the actress posted on her Instagram account photos of her little chihuahua, not really reassured, visiting the Louvre. In front of the Mona Lisa or the Venus de Milo, little Pilaf discovered the works exhibited in the prestigious establishment like a real human being…

And if some fans are softened by this photo shoot, many Internet users are indignant. “Since when is it allowed to bring your dog to a museum?”, “how old is she?”“A dog in the best museum in the world ???”, “It’s sad that celebrities abuse their success to bring their pets where we can’t…The Louvre doesn’t accept pets. Demi Moore should know that” can we read among the acerbic comments.

Was the museum management even aware of this surprise guest? The way in which Pilaf seems hidden in the clothes of the American actress leaves room for doubt…

The Louvre has not yet responded to our requests.


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